Sunday, 22 April 2007

Self-patterning socks

Have been getting into making socks lately, using Opal's self-patterning yarn.

I love working with this wool as the pattern develops "by itself".

They're perhaps not the coolest item in the world, but it's the fun of making them that counts and they'll do fine for wearing with Timberlands on winter walks.

One more still to make...

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LazyhillDesign said...

Hello o queen!
Just to say how much I enjoy your blog - think the yarn is lovely, especially the new pastel slub. Really like the turquoise shades, too. Delicious. Think you should be selling your lovely knitted toys on etsy - they're really sweet - and the Prince should certainly be selling his brilliant monsters! Hope you sell loads.
from a devoted fan - a Lazyhillfan