Sunday, 22 April 2007

Gingerbread House

Unfortunately, this slight obsession with knitting socks has taken over and haven't completed quite as much for the knitted Gingerbread House as I thought I could achieve when I met the lady (Alison Murray) who runs the project at Unravel knitting exhibition in Bracknell last October.

Here's a photo of me, the Skein Prince and Skein Princess at Unravel which appears on website. The Skein Prince also appeared in a small photo about the exhibition in Simply Knitting magazine.

Alison plans get enough knitters to contribute to a large knitted Gingerbread House in a garden setting to raise money for Great Ormond Street and North Devon Hospice. She organised a large knitted Christmas tree in a previous year.

Here are my (meagre) efforts so far - and the Skein Prince helped me by making a cake, two pompoms and some fingerknitted spirals.

Next plan, to knit some brown, green or pastel squares for the house, garden and inside of the house respectively... and some more gingerbread men... we'll see.

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