Monday, 18 June 2007

Etsy shop

After much work, have launched my Skein Queen etsy shop at last - I love the concept of a marketplace for handmade items. I'm gradually adding more items to it every couple of days and the most exciting bit was getting my first sale only a couple of hours after launching. A lady from Michigan purchased a cashmere/silk skein in Kew Gardens and it's winging its way to her as we speak.

Check out the scrumminess:

Kew Gardens skein

I have been working on a new colourway called River Thames which has beautiful blues, browns and creams which I'm going to put into the etsy shop in the next couple of days. Just reminds me of the colour of the Thames at Henley or Windsor on a summer's day. Am into English summer traditions and places for naming skeins at the moment. Fits into the tongue-in-cheek royal theme, I guess.

It's pretty exciting getting this all set up and following in the footsteps of yarn queens I admire who run such establishments as yarn yard and yarn pirate and sharing at etsy. They are my yarn heroines. Also Debbie at DT Craft & Design I consider my mentor and inspiration, not to mention her fantastic range of dyeing products.

As for recent knitting projects, well, this is how obsessed I am. I recently got given some vouchers for John Lewis. So, straight past the designer clothes section (that was quite difficult) to the wool section. I had the Skein Prince and Princess with me and they kind of spotted a bunny and an owl from the Lucinda Guy And So To Bed book and I kind of offered to make them for them. £50 later, I came out with all this Jaegar yarn and the pattern book!

This is Bella Bunny, complete with pair of knickers, which I won't show you - she needs a bit of privacy!

I've completed the front and back of Otto Owl for the Skein Prince - in the meantime, he's knitted his own Hooting Henry from Lucinda Guy's Kids Learn to Knit - yet to be photographed - that's for the next post.

And so to bed... via Big Brother.

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