Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pastel slub yarn

Despite being injured after pulling a muscle in my shoulder during Body Attack on Saturday (this is after falling over in the mud in Running Club on Wednesday and being covered in bruises -is exercise supposed to be good or bad for you?) couldn't go a whole weekend with no dyeing of yarn, so decided that some lovely pure wool slub yarn I'd purchased recently needed some pastel shades added to it. The result is subtle and makes me think of misty landscapes.

Purple Haze and New Forest Mist

I've added them to my etsy shop this evening. Speaking of which, had the most flattering feedback from my first customer, moohlah. Was really encouraging and has spurred me on to keep trying.

Popped into Hobbycraft at lunchtime and apart from getting loads of bits and bobs for making my fabric hearts like this:

Also purchased some gorgeous crafting papers and some clip frames and created these for our spare room/office.

This is my favourite one - pink birds:

Not bad for less than a tenner for all three!


Queen of Travel said...

Beautiful frames Skein Queen, may have to copy the idea myself!

freshisle said...

Beautiful yarns in your etsy shop! (I say it "skayn".)!!