Sunday, 24 June 2007

Very loved knitted teddies

Once upon a time, about four Christmases ago, the Skein Prince saw some brightly coloured wool in a shop and wished for a teddy. Henceforth, `Colourful' was born, according to my own made-up pattern.

He started off all blue, pink and yellow and very fluffy. He's been much loved, so much so, his hand has nearly been twisted off.

That same Christmas, `Flossie' came into the world for the Skein Princess.
This started off something of a tradition, and now every Christmas, a new teddy or rabbit comes into the Skein household:

`Marshmallow' `Wonderful' `Olivia'

And of course, Blue Kangaroo:
(Think this could've been from a Debbie Bliss knitted toys book.)

And now, the Skein Prince is making his own. This is Hooting Henry from Lucinda Guy's Kids Learn to Knit book:They absolutely love getting their knitted toy at Christmas as they know it's taken me ages to knit, they usually get to pick the colours and yarn and they know they can't be bought (probably a good thing!)

And finally, the gratituous stash shot (though be warned, I have another box plus a duvet-sized box full of wool I got given from an old lady moving house. I'll save those for another day.) This is all my handpainted stuff:

In fact, I liked it so much, I put a copy of it at the top of my blog.

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