Monday, 26 November 2007 is launched

I know a man and he's a very clever man at things like numbers and computers and all the things I'm no good at and he's called Skein King (although that title may be a tad misleading given that every time he so much as touches a skein of yarn, it ends up in the biggest tangle imaginable) but his genius lies in the workings of a PC and he can turn bits and bytes into magic.

And henceforth, the kingdom of Skein has expanded to include the previously uncharted territory of

Now, I am a huge Etsy fan, as you may have guessed, and I'm not abandoning it as this will still be where my yarns will be for sale, but it has it's limitations in terms of grouping and displaying to best advantage. This is where the new website comes in as there's more room to group yarn types together, including sold ones, to enable a better choice for custom orders.

There's also suggestions for projects with each yarn type, a direct link to my Etsy shop and display of my latest yarns for sale. I have plans to include a Finished Projects page and a Free Patterns page. So if you have ever knitted anything in SQ yarn and would like to show it off on my website, I'd love to see it - we could get a little collection going and possibly link to the patterns if they're online ones? Also any feedback is greatly appreciated.

And there will be a shop update this week. The batch currently drying includes some new semi-solids in pure cashmere (Opulent) and 100% merino (Divine), and some new colourways in Divine and Entice.


justclaire said...

Congratulations! the website looks fantastic. The "Gallery" bit is really useful, as is the "Latest Yarns" bit. Skein King has done good!!

I would raise a glass of champagne to you, but as I'm still not well, it'll have to be a mug of Lemsip instead :)

sara said...

The link isn't working but I went into the website the long way round. It looks great. Best of luck.


gilraen said...

Very Impressive indeed!! I love the gallery and latest colours. :)

Godd luck. :)

Skein Queen said...

Thanks, guys!

The link is up and running now and all should be working - see he does all the techno stuff and I can't even get the link right! Duh.

Pearls Mother said...

Congrats, I've just bookmarked your new site and I'm off to browse.

machi said...

looks fantastic! great idea to add a spot later for items made with your yarns!

Piglottie said...

The new website looks fantastic! Good luck :)

alabama whirly said...

wow, love it, so beautiful and clean space

freshisle said...

Congratulations! It looks lovely.