Monday, 3 December 2007

Ragamuffin mitts and other stories

Dyeing yarn in a cold, cold garage (you know, the famous SQ royal workshop mentioned on my Etsy shop front) at this time of year requires several layers of warm clothes, some knitted socks and anything else that keeps you vaguely warm. If I had a pair of long johns, I'd wear them - I'm not proud! I realised I needed a pair of fingerless mitts that didn't mind getting covered in dye.

So, a quick search in John Lewis and I couldn't resist this Noro Kureyon:

Then I found this pattern from Another Knitting Blog.

And then I made these:These should do the trick and I'll still be able to open the fiddly tops on the dyes.

I sent this lot down to the Studio Opening in Devon for this weekend, but I have a sneaky suspicion quite a lot of it may be winging its way back - though haven't heard for sure yet. Yarn and knitted goods don't usually fare well unless displayed alongside more knittery things, but it will just mean all the more goodies for the shop:

Perhaps now would be a good time to soothe our souls with some yarnie goodness:
Chocolate Teal in Lavish

Willow Blue in Opulent

Cranford in Divine

Moomin in Divine

Liquorice Allsort in Divine
Perfume in Divine
Golden Compass in Entice
Mango Martini in Entice

Fairytale in Entice

Chinese Mulberry in Wisp

And finally, Skein Queen has just this week agreed a wholesale order with an online UK-based retailer. More on that in a few weeks. I'll also be revealing further details of mentions in national knitting magazines, including the chance for you to win some free SQ cashmere/silk...


Penny said...

The gloves are lovely colours and ook very practical. But the hears are really cute.

alabama whirly said...

that chocolate teal is yummy!mmmmmmm........

nice gloves ; )

justclaire said...

Well done on the wholesale order. You'll be taking on the world next :) Lovely mitts. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I'm with alabama on the chocolate teal but to be honest all the colours caused a certain amount of drooling, seriously though, you have a great eye for colours and it certainly takes talent to produce such beautifully died yarn. (oops! sorry that should be dyed, what am I like)

Skein Queen said...

Thank you, Paula. Very nice of you to say so. It does sound odd when I say to people I've had a "dieing" session - they look at me oddly - I wonder why!