Thursday, 6 December 2007

Be prepared to let a bit of wee out when you see this

For those of you who haven't seen this already in the Lime n Violet board over on Ravelry, you've just got to check this Sexy Turkey Hat out.

Then for extra glamour for your male partner on a night out, why not knit him one of these Bearded Caps.

Back to business, last big shop update before Christmas is up there now and includes the Royal Collection:Vintage Jewels, Chocolate Teal, August and Fragrant Stocks - this tempting foursome is listed together.

Free knitted heart for my first five customers. And next (smallish) listing should include some sumptious Aran weight silk - if I can let any of it out the house, it's SO SO gorgeous. Have to dye some up for myself for the famous clapotis - next project.


Crobbles said...

OMG! Those hats are fabulous!
I found your blog from Debbie Tomkie's. I went on her dye workshop too. I love your yarns.

Skein Queen said...

Thanks, crobbles! That day spent at Eyam was so much fun - just dabbling with colour all day.

justclaire said...

Ha ha ha! Isn't the hat great?! I'd seen it on the L&V boards too. I'm assuming you've seen the Pony Boy hat from last Christmas as well? I'm still laughing out loud about it a whole year later!

I'm loving the Royal collection. May just have to treat myself to a skein (or two) for Christmas :)