Sunday, 9 December 2007

Free Pattern for Lavender Hearts

Due to popular demand (ok, I think maybe two people asked) here's the pattern for Lavender Hearts. They make a good last-minute gift - they take around an hour to knit and about another hour to make the little lavender bag that goes inside and stitch up. They could make a good stash-protector for a fellow knitter.

Pattern now improved and available as a pdf here.

Materials - scraps of any yarn - around 24m. I used SQ cashmere/silk.
Needles - I used 3.25mm for 6 ply DK and 3.75mm for 4 ply sportweight

For lavender bag - a scrap of material, some lavender, needle and thread.
Short length of ribbon, decorative button.

Heart shape (make 2)

Cast on one stitch.
K inc. 1 st at each end of row. 3 sts
P inc. 1 st at each end of row. 5sts
K inc. 1st at each end of row. 7sts
P inc. 1st at each end of row. 9sts.
Inc. 1. P9. Inc. 1. 11sts
Inc. 1. P11. Inc. 1. 13sts
Inc. 1. P13. Inc. 1. 15sts
Inc. 1. K15. Inc. 1. 15sts
Inc. 1. K17. Inc. 1. 17sts
Carry on alternating P row with increasing at each end of knit row until 29st ending with P29.

To shape top of heart:
K15. Pass one st. over. Leave remaining st. on holder. Work on 14sts.

Dec. 1. P10. Dec. 1. (12sts)
Dec. 1. P8. Dec. 1. (10sts)
Dec. 1. P6. Dec. 1. (8sts)
K2tog across. (4sts)
Cast off.

Rejoin yarn and reverse shaping.

To make lavender bag, cut thin, cotton material into square around 2" x 3". Stitch around in a running stitch, stuff with lavender and sew up.

Stitch up two heart shapes, insert lavender bag, leave opening for ribbon at top. Place ribbon in hole and stitch button into place using stitches for button to secure ribbon in place. Add decorative crochet if required by stitching in place after creating three loops of chain stitch.

Happy knitting


Lyndsey-Jane said...

Thank you for sharing the pattern. I will definetely be trying to find time to make some, they are a perfect little extra for xmas gifts.

Crobbles said...

Oh great, thank you for putting this on your blog. I was going to have a go and work one out for myself, as I liked yours so much. Thanks for saving me a job.

justclaire said...

Lovely! Another project added to my Ravelry queue!

Piglottie said...

I love these, they are sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing :)


I Lavender Hearts and already posted on Ravelry and my blog, then go there to see, ok!!
And thanks for the recipe and it's easy, friend!!
Kisses ......... Sandra Coatti - Brazil

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. I hope to make some to add to my small collection of decorations for Valentine's Day. xx