Monday, 7 January 2008

January sale

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a fab Christmas and are ready for 2008.

I'm back and have been back a few days - the only thing keeping me from posting is a dreaded lurgy (who hasn't got it or had it?) and a broken camera.

I have so many photos to show you - but alas my camera has decided to download only our Christmas photos and refuses to load anything post 2008. So can't get anything into the shop until it's fixed.

However, the once-a-year-one-week-only sale is well underway with 30% off all cashmere/silk and there's not much left in the shop. Sale ends Saturday 12th January.

As for the lurgy, I'd had a chest infection rattling around since about September which got worse and culminated in an asthma attack on Christmas Day. I had to be nebulised at the doctor's and was threatened with casualty and a chest x-ray which I resisted - I'm a terrible patient. Bit better now at least, but every person I've spoken to seems to have had either flu or Noro virus in their family over Christmas.

As for knitterly things, I'm making good progress on the Clapotis and was knitting it on the HSS boat coming back from Belfast and in the car and found to my delight that I didn't get car sick while knitting. Makes the long journey from Scotland go much faster - along with subjecting (I mean educating) the family with a Lime and Violet podcast!

Most of my Christmas knitting was making a pair of socks for a Dear Customer who likes my yarns but can't knit, so as a one-off, I made these from Plushness in August colourway:Finally resorted to old camera using a flash so quality is rubbish and they look too green where the green and blue stripe up. I actually started them on the HSS going over to Belfast and it was really the first proper time I'd done Knitting in Public. A little girl was really interested in what I was doing and her mum commented on how beautiful they were turning out which spurred me on to do more KIP.

And am looking forward to doing more copy editing on a more formal basis for Yarn Forward magazine this year as Kerrie has teamed up with Louise Butt from Simply Knitting magazine in a new partnership which is great for the magazine. Can't wait to get my hands on the next issue.

Skein King hits the big 4-0 at the end of the week and I have a few surprises up my sleeve for him - he already had a surprise party when we were over in N. Ireland and had to wear a very fetching t-shirt bearing a photo of him when he was about ten! Hmm, let me have a rummage around my photos and see what I can find....
Ooooo, I am so dead!!

It's also Skein Princess's birthday this weekend and she's having her first ever sleepover - 3 friends - everyone keeps saying how brave I am!

The dye advertisements at the top are from the Ulster Folk Museum.


freshisle said...

So many birthdays at once. What a busy start to the new year. Sounds like business is booming. Congrats! and Happy New Year, too!

justclaire said...

Happy New Year to you!! Sorry to hear you've been ill and hope you're on the mend now. I know I shouldn't joke, but when a friend of mine told me she'd had the Noro Virus I got a major attack of the giggles. She did manage to see the funny side of things when I explained what Noro was!

Happy Birthday to Skein King too. Life begins at 40! I've already been there and can assure you it's true ;)

Piglottie said...

Happy New Year hun! So sorry to hear you have been unwell. Make sure you look after yourself. The socks look delicious, and Skein King looks a tad tipsy :)

DebbieT said...

Happy New Year! Bad luck getting the lurgy - I'd prescribe at least 2 weeks curled up knitting with lots of tlc (tea, love and choccy!). Hope you feel better soon. Debbie x