Sunday, 27 January 2008

Le Clapotis est fini

Enfin! I enjoyed knitting this, but it was a lot of knitting - I could've knitted a sweater for the same amount of knitting - well, almost.

Et, voila (Kate Gilbert sitting casually yet glamourously sipping coffee outside a chic French cafe, I'm not!)
And will I ever wear it? Well, maybe not as a shawl - but I like the scarf wearability of it. The aran silk was perfect for it and gives it a good weight and warmth but I sort of wish I'd made it in a darker, maybe more aubergine colour.

So apart from posing at the French cafe (cough, cough, you mean back garden) I've been busy dyeing up this week's shop update which includes some vibrant aran silk, but I've also been completing several custom orders, one of which is this:
Periwinkle in Plushness


justclaire said...

I was just on Flickr and there it was, your finished Clappy. Wear it proudly, it's a true work of art!!

gilraen said...

It is georgeous!!!!! When is the aran silk going up on the shop?

I knitted up my Sugared Almonds Socks and I love them, thank you :)

Skein Queen said...

Thanks, Claire - I wore it yesterday, with pride!

Thanks, gilraen. Am aiming to do a shop update tonight - I wish I'd done more aran silk, but there will certainly be some. More the following week. Saw your Sugared Almonds socks - they're george-ous! Love the Monkey pattern.

Piglottie said...

Gorgeous clapotis - I always thought you were blonde though for some reason (confused - blame it on the flu lol!). And I love your yarn haul in your last post. Is the Manos in the Wildflowers colourway? *covet*

Skein Queen said...

Blonde(ish) in the summer, dark in the winter!

It's a shade darker than the wildflowers, I think - I love working with it. (That's the Manos, not my hair!)

Hope you feel better soon. x

Anni said...

Stunning clapotis. I've got some Aran Silk on the go right now. IT's so gorgeous to knit with.