Sunday, 4 May 2008

Not another Chevron Scarf!

I'm all antsy at the moment and can't settle down properly to any decent knitting. Sock Wars is looming and I don't want to start anything in my queue until I get started on that. I read that many participants have read the gauge, selected the yarn etc. Nope - not got that far. Instead, I frogged the Sparrow cardigan despite having knitted half of the back - it just wasn't working out and now I have about 12 skeins of Rowan handknit cotton that I don't know what to do with.

So I started yet another Chevron Scarf for a bit of mindless knitting. It's in Socks That Rock mediumweight Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline and some may say that I'm copying Justclaire in her selection of colours and they'd be absolutely right! It's a winning combination and I love it.

I got the last of my hyperbolic crochet efforts in the post this week and I'm almost embarrassed to post a photo here, especially after I'd seen Sue and Lisa's excellent pieces from Knit Happens in Newbury. Sue made some brilliant ones out of video tape for the toxic reef.

Skein Prince did the red one and I finished it off with a bit of pink. What I learned was that the acrylic yarn worked much better than any luxury yarns. The one I'm most proud of is made of acrylic:At least it went hyperbolic, unlike some of the other pieces!

Tomorrow, I shall be dyeing up the Sock Club yarn. But for now, the shop update tonight includes lots of Plushness, Entice and a brand new 2 ply cashmere which I've called Sumptuous:
Apricot Plum in Sumptuous
Raspberry Sorbet in Plushness

Sugarplum in Plushness

Apple Cider in Entice

Just going to head over to Ravelry to see how easy it is to set up a group. Come on over for a chat! Updated to say: it's called Skein Queenery - just search under groups. Look forward to seeing you.


gilraen said...

I could not resist!! and had to stop at 2 skeins!!! You wicked girl!!!! :)

Georgeous as always and way too much loveliness in the shop :)

You are getting the sock club ready!!! OOhhhhhh my :)

Karen said...

OOOO, that raspberry sorbet looks delicious!!! Gorgeous colors.