Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sock Wars III: Battle commences

I'm armed with my 2.75mm DPNs, have checked my gauge, wound my yarn and await my dossier with details of my target at noon tomorrow. Sock Wars III - the battle is (nearly) on.

Though when I think I'm going to get any actual knitting done is another matter as the weekend consists of BBQ with friends tomorrow with two little people sleeping over followed by ballet and snooker on Saturday (for the little people), not to mention getting all the Sock Club yarn (yes, it's all dyed up and ready to roll) with accompanying bits and pieces for the Plushness club sorted out plus finish up some knitted bits for the last photo in my article for Yarn Forward, re-dye a custom order, get completed custom orders photoed and sent. Oh and a birthday party on Sunday (for the little people) - oops, haven't bought the present yet.

I guess I'm dead! Wonder who my assassin will be? A very, very slow knitter, I'm hoping!


Anonymous said...

Oh would have loved to entered Sock Wars, mind you I've hurt my wrist this afternoon, so I might have been right at the back of the cavalry!

Skein Queen said...

Oh no, an injured soldier! Hope you feel better soonest. SQ x

Anonymous said...

Oh heck - I had no idea, and I am on Rav pestering you senselessly!
I will now leave you in peace - with apologies for not realising how crazy your weekend was...
BTW Head? checkup?

gilraen said...

Good luck!! My Blood Pressure wouldn't take that :)