Wednesday, 13 August 2008


All sold out! Except for one, very lonely skein of Aran silk. All packaged up and posted out, except for one which is going tomorrow.

But noone's allowed to buy that skein of Sweet Violet! I have an advert coming out in the Inside Loop in the middle of next week - more on that later - and there's not a scrap of yarn in the shop! And I'm away on holiday next week. But never fear - I'll be back and raring to go with lots more colours perfect for autumn projects the week after and believe me, I'm not complaining. Thanks for all the wonderful support.

Have just finished Not Another Chevron Scarf and looking forward to starting three new projects on holiday (and then just spotted gorgeous stripy Kaffe Fassett - he who signed Miss Violet's boob - cardigan in latest issue of Knitting magazine - nooooo, must resist!)

Anyone want to see some Yarn Pr0n? Look what a fantastic friend sent me:

Precious, precious Wollmeise. That stuff's selling for a fortune on eBay. But not this skein. Noooo, not for sale. Sale requests denied. Destined for needles!


Heather said...

oh you lucky thing - the wollmeise looks gorgeous ! I shall leave you in peace to re-stock for next week ;0)

freshisle said...

Lucky you! Very nice.