Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sock Club reminder

Don't forget - if you were in one of the Summer sock clubs, you need to let me know by tomorrow noon BST if you want to sign up for the Autumn club (further details here) after which, if you weren't a member last time but would like to join, drop me an email and places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. I won't be collecting Paypal payments til nearer the end of August. Hope everyone who wants to can join in the fun!

Important business first. Have been dyeing today and here's a little tempter:

There's some Plushness (of course), some Blush, some Mellow, a bit of Lavish, quite a bit of Encore, a small bit of Entice, a little bit of Endure and some yummy Bamboozle (merino/bamboo). I'm aiming for a shop update early next week, then go on holiday the following week.

A couple of weekends ago, our friends were up from the New Forest and we went for a dander in the woods. Their little girl was wearing these "knitted" wellies.

How cool are these? Don't know if you can see it, but the stripes are a knitted print. I want some!

Friday night was cinema night with the girlies. We went to see Mamma Mia. Almost as good as the musical which we saw in London last year. How mortifying though - I came out with mascara all over my cheek where I'd been sobbing at the song Slipping Through My Fingers. Gets me every time - even writing this, I can feel the tears welling up, mad woman that I am! But it's not in a sad way - more in an appreciate-every-moment way.

Right, I've pulled myself together now! The weekend was spent welcoming Skein Prince back from Scout camp and all his lovely washing (I held my breath as I unpacked his backpack). We'd been to IKEA and he came back to his "Big Boy's" room so's he has somewhere to study when he goes to secondary school.
Spent ages in the wardrobe department agonising over what to get, but by the time we got down to the warehouse, we realised we couldn't carry more than a loft bed and a desk on the roof bars of the car without it collapsing, so he'll have to make do with the lovely orange falling-apart pine one for the time being. It was raining on the motorway on the way back and bits of cardboard were flying off from time-to-time as it got soggy. By the time we got home, half the cardboard was gone and we'd nearly lost the instructions and the screws and bolts! I was in my element flatpacking away - I do like a bit of flatpack construction (I am verging on the eccentric as you may have guessed!)

Monday was his birthday.
And he got a surprise trip to Chessington World of Adventures. He had a fantastic time and went on all the scary rides. I, however, like rollercoasters, anything fast, but nothing high. This is what happened when I decided to be brave and went on a big ferris wheel:

Pure and utter terror - and completely irrational. He had to sing me the "Think of Fluffy Bunnies" song to calm me down. Look at the delight he's taking in my fear!

Nice gentle log flume - much more my style! Or Professor Bubbleworks - now that's a good ride! Though was disappointed it has changed from being a fizzy pop factory (not PC enough) to Imperial Leather soap factory (get the advertising in.)

I took the plunge this week and joined the modern world of youth by signing up for Facebook and Plurk. Look me up if you're on there. Debbie Orr on Facebook. Skeinqueen on Plurk. My yarn is going to be one of the options you can choose from in the Send Yarn application on Facebook - if that means anything to anyone! It's the completely useful application where you can choose from photos of several gorgeous yarns to send to a friend and say "I heard you frogged that ugly fair isle sweater... Here's some new yarn to get started on something cool for me!" Who said Facebook wasn't useful!


alabama whirly said...

so much to love here: yarn, the knitted indoor picnic blanket, CAKE!!! and you face on the rides - haha

mmmmm, yarn please someone send me some on facebook

justclaire said...

The photo of you and Skein Prince is hilarious!! I love it :)

I also love the yarn on the drying rack. I'll be keeping a very close eye on the shop early next week!