Friday, 25 July 2008

Brand new Squee! Sock Clubs for autumn

The next batch of sock clubs will be starting from September for a three-month period once again. I’ve emailed the original members to see if anyone would like to rejoin and they have until midday BST 7th August to confirm if they would after which date, I’ll open up any places left to anyone interested on a first-come-first-served basis via email ( I’m sorry, I can’t accept any requests before 7th August as I don’t know how many places there will be.

I’m hoping to open up a few more places than before by not doing any custom orders during the autumn months.

We still have the Plushness club which will be based on a theme of Stately Homes - think mazes, peacocks, high tea, lakes and swans. You can choose if you prefer the yarn simply twisted up so you can see the colours separately or reskeined to mix all the colours up prettily.

And I’m introducing a new yarn to replace Endure called Encore. It’s machine washable 75% superwash BFL 25% nylon - comes in 100g skeins of 465 yards and is softer than Endure. Absolutely perfect for socks. (Endure will still be available in the shop until stocks run out).

The Encore club will be based on the theme of the Lemony Snicket books - A Series of Unfortunate Events. So colourways could be influenced by anything from Lake Lacrimose to the Reptile Room. As with Plushness, you can choose if you’d like the yarn reskeined or not.

Both clubs work out at $68 or £34. Shipping will be $18 (international) or £7 (UK). Payment is at the start and you receive one skein of yarn by the last day of each month (Sept, Oct and Nov.)

Hope it’s as much fun as the summer club :)

I'll blog a reminder nearer the time.

It's been a wee while since there was last any yarn to show in this corner of blogdom, so thought I'd show you a selection of just blues from the last custom order batch:

Soft Cornflower in Opulent

River Thames in Opulent

Powder Room Blue in Plushness

Proud in Wisp

And the sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed a couple of new yarn bases which have been added to the SQ repetoire. More details to follow, but apart from Encore, there's also a pure BFL named Blissful and a new merino/bamboo called Bamboozle.

I'm aiming for a shop update towards the end of next week.

We're off to Dorset tomorrow to visit friends and Skein Prince is off to Scout camp so yet another busy weekend. I NEED some knitting time!!

Happy holidays to anyone off on vacation this week x


gilraen said...

Have a great time in Dorset!!!! :D

justclaire said...

Beautiful blues...

Have a lovely time in Dorset :)

Patti said...

If the sock club cut off is 12:00 GMT does that mean it'll actually be 13:00 when the cut off happens here in the UK cos we're on BST?

Or, as usual, am I overcomplicating things?

Skein Queen said...

Oh crumbs, hadn't thought of that. Better clarify!