Sunday, 27 July 2008



Just a canvas and pinboard to hang, a bit of beading round the loft hatch, some missing airbricks to replace and pipework to be boxed in, some shelving to acquire for dye bottles, tiling to do but it's as good as ready. Photos aren't brilliant as I took them this evening after finishing the SQ-esque canvas to put on the far wall - what do you think? Was supposed to resemble a SQ yarn tag.


Hasn't Nick done a fantastic job? He built all the cabinets himself and measured them so that they can hold my yarn storage boxes at the top and my basins for soaking yarn at the bottom.

And he got this reclaimed double Belfast sink from another job. Perfect basin size.

Bad photo but check out the pulley for hanging yarn to dry. And a vent to allow plenty of air circulation.
On the right-hand side is my packing table but I plan to move that to make way for a second-hand shelving unit to accommodate all my bottles of dye.

So there you go. But what to call it? It varies from workshop to studio to garage to shed.

Had a fantastic time in Dorset visiting friends. Yesterday consisted of sitting in a traffic jam down to the coast and then helping out at a children's party followed by a BBQ and late night. Then today, we went down to Mudeford Quay where there was a family day, funfair, raft race, a fly-by from the Red Arrows (I'm really feeling like royalty these days as that's the fourth time I've seen the Red Arrows fly over in the space of two weeks) and a spell on the beach. I love the British seaside on days like these when the sun's shining and everybody's out and about. It was a lovely atmosphere.On the journey back, I somewhat madly decided to sit in the back of my convertible (sounds posh, but is not - is my trusty Citroen C3 Pluriel) with the roof off and all the windows down on the motorway - it was like knitting in a wind tunnel! Challenging to say the least. I managed it though and just have a row or two of the toes of my dad's Retro Rib socks to finish. So I may even have some knitting to show in the next post - don't faint!


mrs moon said...

whaoh, what an excellent room!

ian said...

Glad you enjoyed your day at Mudeford. It is my favorite place and I have been going there for sixty years. Things have chanegd a lot since those 50 mile round trips trips on my bike.

gilraen said...

What a fabulous room!!! And a wonderful day out!!!! It's no wonder you don't get much time for knitting, you are very busy :)

justclaire said...

Your new studio looks FABULOUS!!! I love your painted canvas too. The first thing I thought of when I saw it in the photo was a huge SQ tag. It looks great :)

freshisle said...

What a great space! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Felix said...

Your studio looks absolutely brilliant. It's so perfect for how you want to use the space!

It's so important to have a proper workspace...