Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Royal workshop progress

As you may be aware, work has come to halt on the royal estate for the time being as the new workshop is being constructed. Tis neither a shed (pah!) nor a listed building (as some have suggested), but a humble garage or gar-age as my grandmother who spent most of her married life in India would have said (it would've been her birthday today, so I'll sneak in a crafty mention).

Let me show you the veritable dump I used to work in - now be prepared, it's not a pretty sight and is somewhat embarrassing.

OK, so those two wardrobe doors weren't always there in front of my dyeing paraphernalia, but you get the idea - I had to jump over bikes, barbecues, cardboard boxes etc.

And no matter how I tidied it, by the following week, it was back in the same state.

Well, now, thanks to the lovely Nick and Mick of Wildwood Carpentry, the transformation has begun:Check out all that insulation - it's going to be a lot more snug than dragging all the dyeing stuff from the garage to the kitchen in pouring rain.

I did have Nick and Mick all posed and looking busy, but for some reason, the camera didn't work at that precise moment - I'll have to ask them again tomorrow. They were a bit shy about it! But I must say, I'm usually not good with having workmen in the house. I never know about the cups of tea timing scenario and what biscuits to offer etc but these guys are just getting on with it and making their own. I'm a rubbish client!

If anyone in the Berkshire vicinity and surrounds is in need of an electric garage door unit with remote control, I can do you a very good price on a second-hand one in full working order.

Speaking of birthdays, our trip to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs for mum's 70th was lots of fun.

The birthday spread - my sister made the cake.

My mum

We were doing so much cycling, swimming, table tennis, pool, pottery painting, high wires, eating and drinking that there was not a moment for knitting.

However, I gave mum the Branching Out scarf I'd made out of half a skein of SQ Wisp.

And Skein Prince gave his two-and-a-half-year-old-cousin this cat and mouse he'd designed himself:Progress so far on the Retro Rib socks in SQ Blush using Reykjavik colourway:

Did I mention Dad's birthday was back in June? Oh well, they might be ready in time for Christmas!

Slightly sidetracked from Center Parcs - check out the Skein Prince on the high wires:

That tiny blob in the top right-hand corner - that's him! Braver than me.

I fancied myself as a bit of a wildlife photographer while we were there - don't think they're quite good enough to make the Countryfile calendar though!

A haughty duck (I feel a colourway name coming on)

Fluffy Tail

Oh, and if anyone's ever fancied a go at dyeing yarn with Kool Aid, there's quite a good article in the summer issue of Yarn Forward magazine by yours truly:

That's my kitchen, that is!

It's how I got started by following instructions for Kool Aid dyeing by Debbie Tomkies in a Simply Knitting article, so if my article inspired anyone at all in the same way, well, it would more than make my day.

I'm hoping to dye up custom orders due for 11th July early next week (back in the kitchen, luxury workshop won't be ready.)

And finally, a very Happy Birthday to alabamawhirly for tomorrow. I will be catching you up very, very soon... have fun. x


soobird said...

WOW you have been busy! I am liking your new workshop, well more the fact that you are getting one! SOOOOOO jealous! Trying to convince Darren that I need the BIG spare room and he can have his lego in the small one! No chance!

Hope fully see you soon and thanks for the comment about the workshop. It went really well, around 50-60 people all crocheting away. Pics to follow. Speak soon

alabama whirly said...

wow, a proper dyeing studio. did your mum love her scarf and that young S Prince is a whizz at the knit.
Thank you too for the birthday mention and my surprise which I want to open now but will wait until tomorrow x x x

justclaire said...

Jeepers, you've been busy! The cat and mouse are just the cutest thing ever. What a great kid Skein Prince is to do that for his cousin. I think that's wonderful :)

Can't wait to see the finished piccies of your new workshop. How exciting!

gilraen said...

Will you do workshops for the uninitiated, like me, when you are all proper and royal like again ;) :)It's looking good.

I am in awe of your brave and clever prince!!!! Kudos!!

Congrats on your article :D

mrs moon said...

Whaoh, a wet space workshop, fantastic! CAn't wait to see the photos of it in use....