Thursday, 10 July 2008

SQudio progress (thanks Maverick!)

To save this blog from becoming the clanging blog of doom, tonight we have some photos of progress on the royal workshop/garage/shed/SQudio - call it what you want.

We have been painting like mad for the last three or four evenings to get it ready for flooring, storage, worktops, Belfast double sink, hob etc next week.

It's not a huge space but it'll do me nicely. Cannot wait to get in there and dyeing. Nick, the builder who happens also to be a friend, has been coming up with suggestions for improving the dyeing process which I'm thinking about. And I ordered one of these to hang at one end of the room.

Here's a selection of custom orders which went out today or are going out tomorrow. How hard was it getting decent photos yesterday - the weather was dull, dull, dull - hence the use of the windowsill in one photo:

Reykjavik in Plushness

By the Seaside in Plushness

By the Seaside in Wisp

Sunnyside Up in Plushness

Rockpool in Plushness

Emmeline in Plushness

Emmeline in Shore

Poppy Fields in Kimono

After the custom orders for 25th July, I'm going to have a break from them during August to concentrate on shop updates, cos let's face it, the shop has bare, cobwebbed shelves at the moment and is in desperate need of a restock.

I'm hoping to get Sock Club yarn dyed up tomorrow but partly dependent on whether Sports Day is cancelled again and when weekend visiting friends arrive, so it could be early next week. I'm also thinking of launching the next quarter of Sock Clubs from September instead of August.


gilraen said...

SQudio is looking wonderful, but wow!!!!!!!! what fabulous yarn........

alabama whirly said...

you are such a tease with the sock club sign-ups ; )

Anonymous said...

Oh a clothes rack, how I miss mine.
We had a victorian house with 10 foot tall ceilings and I had one in the kitchen. I could get thick jeans dry in 24 hours, and I dried all the clothes for 5 of us on it.
We left it when we moved as the ceilings here are only 7 foot tall!

I'm sure it will be fantastic for drying yarn.

justclaire said...

The SQudio looks fab as does that yarn...drool....! I've got 2 of those clothes airers in the hallway between the house and garage and agree, they're brilliant. They're an absolute godsend over the winter when you can't hang washing outside. For hanging yarny stuff, I've found Ikea's GRUNDTAL 11cm "S-hooks" fit my racks perfectly and are very cheap!

Anni said...

gorgeous yarn. YOu're so lucky getting a studio like that. I'm tryingto persuade Simon to convert half our double garage to a studio. In the meantime, tdhe spare room isn't bad but not prfect.