Monday, 3 November 2008

1...and the shop is launched!

Tonight is an historic night in the world of Skein Queenery as the much-anticipated new royal shopping establishment is finally launched.

Click on the Shop link on the top right of the page if you want to start shopping right away, or the Website link if you want to go by the scenic route.

One word of warning - I believe items are held in your shopping cart but aren't actually yours until you proceed through checkout. There's just no way round this that we can come up with.

PayPal or direct bank transfer are accepted methods of payment and click on the currencies at the top of the shop to select your option.

Oh, and the Winter Sock Club places will become available on Saturday 8th November. It's already filling up from existing members, but there should be some more places available.

So without further ado, I am now mentally cutting the red ribbon so fingers crossed.. here goes..


gilraen said...

Fabulous!!! I love Winter Hedgerow!!!! :)

sara said...

Its very posh. Like going into one of those posh boutique shops with one off items. Lovely!!!!

Ally said...

A great new site very easy to use!
Take care,

Ally said...

Shop could do with a back link to the main site:-)
Take care,

heather said...

What a star :0) It looks wonderful and worked perfectly for me !

Flavaknits said...

Congratulations! Now for a wee perusal - lol