Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pocket Socks

Skein Princess is delighted with her first pair of hand-knit bedsocks. I used the Sock Buddies pattern from Fab Feet and Cosy Toes by Anna Tillman. They have little pockets knitted into them as she's a hoarder and she loves to tuck away precious little "treasures". I still have to knit a pair of white bunnies to put in the pockets if she decides against the various options of bobbles, sparkly hair clips or tiny Puppies in my Pocket dogs. I think this pattern shows off the colours of Secret Garden in Plushness but as usual, there's alway a "quirk" in my knitting. Somehow, I managed to get the pockets both on the same side - she doesn't mind! And neither do I.

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gilraen said...

I love these!!! Good luck with the new shop :)