Friday, 26 October 2007

Can I bore you with more yarn?

Do you mind? I have some more if you'd like to see? Well, just in case, I'll show you - all listed in my shop - just click on the Etsy shop link on the right-hand side:

First up is Sour Fruits in Lavish:
Then Sweetbird in Mellow:
Next up on the catwalk tonight, we have Kew Gardens in Lavish which was one of my original colourways and sold within a couple of hours of my Etsy shop opening back in June (how excited was I!):
And then, fourth in my seasonal collection of yarns based on the 12 Days of Christmas is the brooding Calling Birds yarn in Lavish. The four birds which my True Love sent to me are actually Colly Birds and "colly" is the old word for coal, meaning that my True Love actually sent me four blackbirds! How kind. Here's my interpretation:
Moving onto the Plushness yarn, first up we have Candy Garden which is based on the colours of a beautiful throw I have in my sitting room:And again in Plushness, this is Green Skooshy:
For these Skooshy colourways, I'm using a different technique to achieve multiple colours for those of you who prefer a more random variagation in your FO.

Here we have Candy Garden again, this time in Opulent. I can't emphasise the gorgeousness of this pure cashmere enough - if you can imagine so soft it hardly feels like you're touching it? Kind of like that.

And finally, there's one skein left of Rose Vintage Lavender which is slightly darker than the original Vintage Lavender:And here's a custom order of two skeins of Gryffindor yarn I did for a Dear Customer over in Swindon:

And that is it for this week. ***Takes a bow*** Am I allowed a bow?

There nearly wasn't any yarn to be had this week for two reasons:
1. My merino base yarn being stuck in the post following the strike.
2. A dog - a big black labrador ran into our garage where I was mixing my colours with no owner in sight. It took me, Skein Princess, a new neighbour, an elderly man and my next door neighbour about an hour to locate it's owner - two young boys turned up for him. It was like something out of a nursery rhyme.

I have been a bit poorly this week and so didn't make it to a meeting in Bracknell about a contemporary art project to knit a cosy for the Tate Modern tower - yes, a cosy and yes, to cover a building - during the London 2012 Olympics. All the best to those running the project. It's mad but good. Am becoming a bit evangelical about raising/changing the profile of knitting myself and was trying to lure my friend Sarah into the goodness of yarn today in John Lewis... but I don't think she was having any of it!

Non-knittery stuff:

The Skein Prince and Princess attended a workshop at Jelly Leg'd Chicken this morning along with their friends to make Firework Pictures. The workshop was run by the lovely knithappens/alabamawhirly of Etsy fame and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's what they came back with:

Can you see the Catherine Wheels and the city skylines? Cool.

The lovely Rachel came over for lunch last week and we had a fab time talking crafty stuff and planning for the Christmas at Hillcrest sale including some plans for some kits. Rachel is a true Etsy addict and knew even more about it than I do and she showed me some of her favourite sellers, which is great because sometimes you stick to the ones you know. She brought me over this beautiful fern picture which she explained how she had made it - some kind of photo reactive paper - very clever:And just a quick mention for my first ever Australian customer who made me laugh when she said she wanted to stuff the yarn down her bra and carry it with her everywhere cos she liked it so much! Thank you - a true compliment!


Pearls Mother said...

Yes, It's me walking around Geelong in Australia with cashmere stuffed down my bra!!
The Raspberry Mocha is so soft and yummy, you would also want it close to your skin.
When I start knitting with it i'll send photos to share.

Skein Queen said...

Can't wait to see the photos, Lindy! I love to see what people knit with SQ yarn...