Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The never-starting Chevron scarf

First, I got some yarn to show ya - this little lot was listed in my etsy shop last night.

This is Raspberry Mocha in Wisp:
This is Steel Orchid in Lavish:

Dolly Bunting in Lavish (2 skeins sold - 2 left)

From the Twelve Days of Christmas collection, we have Partridge Pear (left), Turtle Dove (middle) and French Hens (right):
This is Fragrant Stocks in Plushness (sold):

And Skooshy Pink in Plushness (there's a Skooshy Green to come next week):

And finally, Blue Moccasin in Plushness which I thought could be perfect for man socks:
I have done a little bit of knitting this week - nearly finished second Watermelon sock and knitted a new heart which isn't sewn up yet so no piccies. Some more lovely Socks That Rock yarn arrived for the infamous never yet started Chevron Scarf:
This is Thistle and Olive Garden.

I know it looks upside down, but I like photographing the folded ends of the yarn downwards - don't ask me why...

These are the yarn cakes ready for starting the Chevron scarf:This is Olive Garden and Sherbet. Still not sure whether to use Sherbet and Thistle instead. Decisions, decisions... JUST GET STARTED WOMAN! But I'm being good and finishing one project at a time... just slowly.

Last week, I took myself off up to Derbyshire for a dyeing course with the lovely Debbie Tomkies. The setting at Eyam Hall was gorgeous and we had a great day just mucking about and experimenting with colour and yarn. I met the lovely Becky who I've since been in touch with through Ravelry (she got her invite the next day - how handy was that!) Check out the beautiful cashmere/silk that Becky dyed in the first photo in turquoise, violet, yellow and green - beautiful.

Ah - photos - Blogger - spacing - I give up.

Was gutted at not being able to make the Knitting and Stitching Show at the Ally Pally due to my Achilles heel injury - is exercise good for you after all? - and salt was rubbed into the wound when a mum at school said that her teenage daughter had gone and purchased the most beautiful yarn.

Still cheered up by the lovely Piglottie's banner for her blog. Looks good, huh? Love ya, oh Piggy one.

Also got around to photographing a small section of my stash - at least the stuff not in the attic - for Ravelry. But I am generally pretty good at using up what I buy and kind of have a lot of single balls of stuff - some Jaegar, some Debbie Bliss, some just don't know. And lots of bits of cotton - not looking forward to describing on Ravelry.
(Oh except for about 5 balls of Sirdar Bigga in Red, Pink, Orange and Brown which I bought when I thought I'd be this great knitting designer and was going to do a Lola coat from Charlie and Lola until I realised I knew not a lot about designing - am thinking it'll make a good bag now - not sure if it would felt nicely.)

Oh, and I've been meaning to show this off for ages. It's a beautiful handmade book which my good friend Rachel made for my birthday - a real keepsake:


Piglottie said...

Such luscious yarns! And the dyeing course sounds great fun. Hope the Archilles heel is getting better. What a lovely present the book is!

PS: The banner is looking very cool I must admit :) but look at it quick peeps as you never know when it will change!

kathryn said...

Some lovely colours there!Can't wait to get home and do some etsying again!

Isn't it difficult deciding on Chevron Scarf colours. I'm like you - got lots possibles but can't make that final decision. I think you're right - just get started!

justclaire said...

I wish you hadn't mentioned that there's going to be a Skooshy Green next week ;) I just know I won't be able to resist it.

Oh, and the Dolly Bunting looks even better in real life. It's awesome!

Pearls Mother said...

The raspberry mocha is coming to my house!!
I've just ordered it on Etsy and then followed your cyber trail to Ravelry and now here.
I love your colour combinations.