Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Chevron scarf is OTN!

At last. I'm enjoying this so far (probably one of the rare few - still giggle inwardly when I think of the Lime and Violet podcast where Lime said she was knitting the Chevron scarf and Violet replied "Oh, I'm sorry"). It's got great tv watching knitability in this pattern. I opted for STR Sherbet and Thistle in the end.And another gratuitous photo:

And it's knitting up so quickly - this was only an hour or two.

Can you believe another knitting reference in Skein Princess's reading book this week:
It says "The children jumped and jumped and bounced and bounced. "Come on, Gran," they called.
Gran went on the castle. She jumped and bounced. "Good old Gran" called the children.

Can you guess what's going to happen with those pointy old knitting needles?
That's right. Naughty old Gran. She was in so much trouble the bouncy castle owner told her to get out.

What do you think? Stereotypical of knitters? Not stereotypical of Grans though - this one looks fun!


justclaire said...

Woo hoo - you've finally started it. Good for you!! It's looking great and I love the Thistle and Sherbert together.

I look forward to seeing it grow :)

Penny said...

Good old Gran :-).