Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Jack's Skull Hat finished

It's finished and sent over to him in Belfast and I got the sweetest phone call this afternoon saying "Auntie Debbie, I wuv my skull hat - thank you" - and I don't think his mum was in the background saying "Jack, say you love the hat!" Now remember, Jack's favourite colour is orange:
Here's the Skein Prince modelling it, but he's a bit older so it's a tiny tad too tight.
I did struggle with undo-ing the provisional cast-on and ended up just picking up the stitches, but I think it worked out ok in the end. And had to do a second dash to Hobbycraft to pick up a second ball of Donkey (the brownish colour) as ran out halfway through.

There will be a shop update later in the week and I've been reskeining away like mad with my new beautiful swift which I acquired from ebay for a very reasonable sum. I think it's antique (someone may be able to correct me on this) and works like a dream with my crappy skein winder and makes a very good substitute for my knees which I had been using up til now! Should have got one months ago - was just fussy about finding the right one.

Right, let's see if I can dig out any photos for this shop update:
And here's Sweetbird in Plushness

And in Mellow

And in Endure
I love seeing how the different yarn bases absorb the same colour. And why so much Sweetbird? I couldn't stop thinking about these wonderful creations by the talented knithappens of etsy:They're for sale in her shop as we speak and I'm so itching to click the Add to Cart button!


alabama whirly said...

thanks sweetness, but you must not press the add to cart - I will make you your own : )

justclaire said...

I'm so loving the hat! It looks great.

The yarn colours are super gorgeous too. I keep going to Etsy just to drool over it. I see a pair of socks in Sweetbird in my future....!!