Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Knitting in French (Le Tricotage - apparently)

This week I have been mostly knitting in French - ooo la la! My dear French friend, Sylvie, sent over a gift for the Skein Princess. Imagine my delight when I saw it was a knitting kit to create a cute little kid mohair grey and black cat, comme ca:
Of course, she wanted to get started right away, so we opened up Le dou-dou chat and you guessed it - the pattern is in French! The last time I visited Sylvie in Nantes she threatened to leave me in a chocolate shop with my "Rusty French" so this was going to be a challenge.

I have learnt that m = st; rg = row; rg endroit = knit; rg envers = purl; augm = increase; ts = every; ch = each; monter = cast on; rab = cast off

Free Blue Peter badge for anyone who knows what bourrage; raye; froncer and coudre mean. It took a while to figure these out and along the way I learnt that queue means tail but is also a word for the male appendage, so that was childish of me to even point that out!

So, I knitted away and Skein Princess did the tricky job of keeping track of the rows using the free plastic counter thingy from this month's Simply Knitting magazine, and this is how far we've got:Can you not tell its the front paws, head and surely you can see where the ears will be?!

Meanwhile, Skein Prince took it upon himself to knit some Super Mario mushrooms which include knitting on DPNs which he's got the hang of, stranded work and knitting whilst the object is already stuffed. He's doing well and has got a bit further than this - he's now started on the red top with the white spots today:
I spent a lovely day on Friday with fellow Etsy-addict, Rachel and we talked so much about craft for four hours, we forgot to talk about dieting or interior design. Rachel is so, so close (NOT!) to setting up her Etsy shop and she would agree that she's a bit of a craft tart and is good at them all (with the sorry exception of knitting) and especially good at silversmithing. So her shop is likely to be an eclectic mix of tiaras, jewellery, felted objects and many, many other crafty bits. She came bearing gifts for me:This completely gorgeous felt bowl she made

This fab frame which contains shrinkies of vintage woolcraft posters such as this one:
This is going to be perfect for my new dyeing workshop which is in the process of being designed and developed

And this cute little lavender heart which says "Fleur d'Ecosse" which she got from Scottish-based Etsy seller, Fire Horse Textiles - oops, just went to add in the link and in popped another one to my shopping cart - how did that happen?

Speaking of purchases, I bought a couple of skeins from my witty Ravelry friend who happened to be selling off some of her stash - when I say witty, I mean hilarious. We have conversations about people knitting menstrual pads and breast pads out of fun fur - I am often letting out a little bit of wee when I read her PMs.Here is a sample of just one of them - some Lorna's Laces in silk/merino. Mmmm, yummy. She also included some Posh handspun, some Green and Black's, some sheep stickers and sweeties. How kind is she!

And, as another Ravelrer, CrafyYarnGirl, was starting up a new stall at Wokingham market, I felt it would be rude not to support her, so me and the Skein Prince had a nice dander round town and I bought this Artesano Hummingbird and a pattern to go with it:
The watermelon socks I started last August are finally off the needles:

The yarn is from Freshisle Fibers

And I've finished one Monkey:
And I must just mention the Hyperbolic Coral Reef crochet workshop I'm attending in mid-March. A lovely Northern Irish person I met via blogging called Inga of rockpoolcandy fame is involved in this and I'm looking forward to meeting her there. I'm not 100% sure what I'm letting myself in for, but she did promise wine and it does look fascinating. It's open to the public, but you need to book a place so that they know numbers.


Hannah said...

I love your Monkey...the colours are lovely!

alabama whirly said...

haha, I can empathise with letting a little wee out ; )

I like your *chat* - the furry black one

justclaire said...

The Monkey sock looks lovely! I love your watermelon socks too. I'd love to get my hands on some of that Fresh Isle Fibers watermelon yarn but it's always out of stock. Never mind. It's not like I haven't got enough sock yarn to last me a lifetime....