Thursday, 27 March 2008

Finished Monkeys and Rhubarb Scarf obsession

We had a very quiet, relaxing Easter in the SQ household - made a change from being on the canal boat this time last year - now that was stressful, especially when we couldn't master the steering and ended up sideways in the canal with boats coming at us from either side! That was the same evening that I was at the bow of the boat while Skein King and Granda Gerry at the stern were steering us directly into an £80,000 boat as the owners were enjoying a nice glass of wine and me coming almost nose-to-nose with them with a mortified look on my face as I said "Evening... sorry..." What I should've done is raise my glass and "cheers"ed them. From the looks on their faces, I don't think it've gone down too well.

So, with a little time to catch up with knitting, I finished my Monkeys:

And I started the Sparrow cardigan from Rowan Story Book of Little Knits for Skein Princess. I let her choose - shouldn't really have done that as it's not a pattern I'd have chosen myself - but hopefully I'll finish it and she'll love it. It's very bohemian and flowery.
Skein Prince finished another couple of Super Mario Shrooms:

I completed some more crocheted coral for the Hyperbolic (or Hyper-bollock as my non-knittery, non-understanding mates call it) Crochet Reef - no pics yet - not until it's all finished - not that there's loads of it or anything!

And I have become completely obsessed, as have most people who've seen it, by this Rhubarb Scarf by Moonstitches. There is no pattern. I've tracked down the yarn and got it heavily discounted by a shop in Oregon as it was the last they had. I have a book with a similar stitch in it, but can I work out how to crochet that stitch?! Frustrating - but I WILL crack it. It's called a Catherine Wheel stitch or Starburst stitch.

Finally, mini shop update of bamboo/merino Bali yarn type includes:
Little Shack

Shanghai Tea House

Inky Periwinkle

Big weekend planned with dinner dance tomorrow night (oh, I say, gone all hoi polloi!) and another trip to London on Saturday.


Karen said...

OOOO, that periwinkle is to DIE FOR!!! It's beautiful! You make my mouth drooooool. :)

justclaire said...

Love the Monkeys, and Skein Prince's Shrooms. Hyper-Bollock is exactly the sort of thing my husband would say. Come to think of it, I have the sort of friends who would say it too ;)

alabama whirly said...

skein prince is a knitting prince! I love that rhubarb scarf, can't wait to see how you sort it!

freshisle said...

Love your Monkey socks. Great colours.

blog-blethers said...

Your sailing adventures made me giggle ... my reputation afloat is on a par;)

Beautiful monkeys and thank you for highlighting that fantastic scarf. I've not seen it before - but isn't it just stunning!


Congratulations on the yarn for the scarf :)
The pattern really isn't that hard, just a little tedious to crochet because you've got to do these clusters which takes some time. But difficult it is not.
Start with only one green-ish row, then change to the red / pink yarn, the border will complete the first row to circles later. How many balls of yarn do you have?
Looking forward to see your scarf some day!
Greeting from Japan!

Skein Queen said...

Ooo, the talented moonstitches! Thanks for your comment - four balls arrived yesterday (more than I need but it was on offer) - one red/pink and one brown/green.I couldn't work out how to do the second row. I have to track down a talented crocheter to show me.

Thanks, Karen, Claire, Whirly, Freshisle and Blethers for all your lovely comments - I LOVE comments.

gilraen said...

I love the Monkeys Debbbie!!! The colours knitted up beautifully! :)