Friday, 4 April 2008

Bling Socks on front cover of magazine

Last weekend, me and Skein Princess took ourselves up to London to the Stitches and Craft show at Olympia (NOT Earl's Court, as I thought - long walk for a six-year-old!)

Here's us on the train (was at a Posh dinner dance the night before, hence the haggard look):

She loved it from the moment the ticket guy said she didn't need to pay because she was too beautiful! She was in her element with ribbons, buttons, huge wine glasses filled with glitter.

We made our way to the Hipknits stand where the first thing I spotted was the Bling Socks knitted in SQ Lavish in Fragrant Stocks colourway - all beaded and beautiful. I inadvertently blurted out "That's my yarn!" in an overexcited, loud voice at which Lou came over and started chatting away and was so friendly saying that loads of people were stroking it etc. Then she started telling customers that here was the person who'd dyed the yarn - they all started to scamper away as fast as their feet could take them!

At the end of last year, I'd found Diane of Yarnstardesigns on Etsy and asked if we could use her pattern for Yarn Forward magazine, so really the hard work was all hers. I sent her the yarn and she knitted them up and sent them back to Kerrie for the photo shoot.

There were more of the spring issue designs hanging up round the stand, and they looked really beautiful - I want to knit at least two of the tops. And I met Kerrie for the first time - had chatted loads on email - and Jo, their new advertising intern, who runs her own yarn shop - Yarnbox.

Unfortunately, I can't show you any photos of the socks yet because not everyone has received their copies of the magazine as they were just posted out this week, but I can direct you to the spring preview here.

I couldn't resist a little purchase while I was there:

These are a lovely squidgy merino

And here's Skein Princess taking a break with all our purchases:

We had such a nice day and everyone we met was so friendly and went out of their way to help us - especially the ticket desk man at the Dr Who exhibition at Earl's Court who phoned to find out where we had to go and then drew us a map. London was in a friendly mood that day!

Here are some gratuitous yarn pictures, some from this week's shop update:

Wild Blush 2 ply cashmere - custom order

Lemon Thyme 2 ply merino - Entice (sold)

Honeycreeper sportweight merino in Divine (sold)

Maharajah sportweight merino in Divine

Summer Bunting Collection in Lavish cashmere/silk - one variagated, four to match

Now that Smitten (aka Honey) has had the last of her jabs, we can't get her to go outside. She sits at the back door and won't go out. Couldn't keep her in when she wasn't supposed to go out! Typical!


gilraen said...

What a sweetie you have!!! :)

I love your aquisitions :)

Karen said...

Skein Princess IS beautiful! And that had to have been such a fun trip together. The yarns are gorgeous and congrats on the magazine cover! Now THAT'S exciting!!!!!!

picperfic said...

oh my, your yarn is delicious and the yarn bundle is sooo tempting!