Sunday, 13 April 2008

Jeremy Knitson or Knitchard Hammond?

Ten-years-old he may be, but Skein Prince is definitely getting through more knitting than me. This week he tried his hand at illusion knitting, using this pattern called Hedwig Illusion by the lovely Marian at Freshisle Fibers. It's a washcloth!Looks like it's brown and stripey.
But tilt it a bit, and a Hedwig owl appears. All done with knits and purls in the right places.

And do you know what he's learnt today - how to crochet. He's helping with some hyperbolic coral as I'm floundering (excuse the pun) with getting much of that done in time.

He can't wait to get his Ravelry invite now and is 2000th in the queue. He's been trying to think up his Rav name and wants it to reflect his love of cars and knitting. First he came up with Knit Rider, but someone already had it. Then Jeremy Knitson - he's a massive Top Gear fan - and he can't decide between that and Knitchard Hammond.

By the way, just out of interest, and I am asked this twenty times a day, "Which do you prefer - a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Porsche 911?" I have no opinion whatsoever... but ask me "Which do you prefer - cashmere or silk?" And I could elaborate on that for hours!

Here's what I've been knitting this week:It's the Love Me or Leaf Me Carpet Bag by The Tyger Lily at Etsy. I met Karen through the Etsyknitters team and she sent me this pattern to try out. It's a fantastic pattern and I'm thoroughly enjoying it - and it's my first go at using a cable needle. Can't wait to see it finished.

Obviously I NEEDED some gorgeous fabric to line it with and found some beautiful Japanese fabric from sweetflavor - another Etsy seller. Then I had to find some handles and discovered a lovely online shop for bagmaking based in the UK called u-handbag.

I squeezed in an extra dyeing day, so there will be a shop update next week - here's a little taster:
Some Opulent, Mulberry, Entice, Kimono and Lavish.

Just had to show you one of the custom orders I finished this week:
It's the Chocolate Lime collection in Plushness

And finally, I have the best customers (friends) in the world. Imagine my astonishment when I received this little lot in the post - how kind and generous - I was truly flabbergasted, but it completely made my day and I thank the somewhat shy (!) person for such a wonderful gift.


Lyndsey-Jane said...

Go skein prince! U-handbag is great shop and the owner (I forget her name) is so helpful, her on-line tutorials are great too. they are on her blog

Karen said...

Congrats on the Treasuries!! And those yarns are just scrumptious looking. Love watching what you've been up to.

gilraen said...

That's a yummy collection of yarns drying there!!! :)

Shy or Maverick friend? :)

justclaire said...

I love the carpet bag pattern. I've had my eye on it for a while. Yours is going to look fab in that colour.
What a lovely friend to send you all that yarn. I see you've got some Sheepaints in there. It's gorgeous stuff isn't it?!

justclaire said...

Ooh, and I think Skein Prince should have "Knitchard Hammond" as his Rav screen name. It's perfect!