Sunday, 13 April 2008

Etsy Treasuries

I've been lucky enough to have featured in a few Treasuries (collections of 12 Etsy items collated on a theme) in my time, and it's not often I check them, but before I went to bed tonight, I found that Vintage Fairisle had been picked for a Red and Blue Treasury - I wish I knew how to get a mini Etsy photo of it to show you on here forever more (I'm sure whirly knows how to do it), but unfortunately, it will be lost in a day or two. From the comments, it looks like it featured on the front page (but I'm not sure.)

OK, this is weird - about to shut down when discovered Golden Plum in another Treasury! Two in one day! This one is called What I like today and features plum and green. Again, it will vaporise in a day or two.

I'll just go to bed on a Treasury high! Simple things please simple minds!

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