Monday, 7 April 2008

Snow scenes and shop preview

We wore t-shirts on Friday in glorious Spring sunshine, but coats,hats and gloves on Sunday. We don't get much snow in these here parts, so the children made the most of it:

Our front garden

Mr Snowman

Old oak tree

And when he's not playing in the snow, young Skein Prince is getting through more knitting than me! He created this Stuffie by Ysolda over the weekend and did the embroidery and sewing up by himself. He's now in the queue for Ravelry and can't wait to get his own page - he's already thought up his name.

I thought I'd do things back-to-front this week, and give you a little sneak preview of what will be available later in the week:
Fragrant Stocks in Lavish - 6 skeins

Maverick's Choice in Plushness

Chocolate Blackberry in Plushness

Vintage Fairisle in Mulberry

Faded Flowers in Mulberry

I am lucky enough to have lots of custom orders this week so there may not be a huge amount dyed up for next week's shop update - just thought I'd give you the heads up, just in case anyone was thinking of buying loads! Ha!

And finally some flowers to say I'm thinking about two people who are not in the best of health at the moment and I wish them speedy recovery xxx


freshisle said...

Such a talented young prince!
Congrats on the cover socks. Very nice.

justclaire said...

Great snow pictures! We had tons of the white stuff on Sunday too. It was lovely! Skein Prince is becoming quite the knitter isn't he? The stuffie is awesome!

Great yarn colours as ever. I shall resist though, as I've just cast on a pair of plain socks in the Chocolate Teal I bought from you. It's knitting up beautifully!

gilraen said...

Oh that Maverick one has great taste!!! :)

I love the colours! And did someone mention Chocolate Teal?? :D Mmmmmmm

Karen said...

Just when you think it's spring...... SNOW! Skein Prince is very talented - good for him. Your colors of yarn are gorgeous as usual and good wishes to those who are not well, gorgeous roses.

picperfic said...

ah so you dyed the yarn for the delectable socks in YF! I don't have a copy of the mag here and I wondered if you could tell me thenyarn that was used so that maybe I could oder some!

Skein Queen said...

Hi picperfic,

Thanks for your comment! The yarn used for the Bling Socks was Lavish (cashmere/silk) in Fragrant Stocks. Hope you get your mag soon - your photography is superb.