Thursday, 13 March 2008

A new helping of yarn is served

For those of you not yet on my mailing list (ahem -and why not?! Seriously, it's lovely to see it growing with more names every week), here's a little peep at the shop update tonight:

Spring Collection in Lavish - five skeins, one variagated and four solid colours to match

Summer Bunting in Endure sock yarn

Key Lime Pie in Endure sock yarn (you need your shades for this one)
Banoffee Pie in Wisp (mmm, yummy)
River Thames in Kimono

And now a shameless bit of boasting (motherly pride) - the Skein Prince (MY son) got top marks of 5A in his mock SATs this week - let's hope he does the same for the real thing in a few weeks time. I reckon ten is way too young to be tested - wonder what it's like in other countries?


gilraen said...

Ask your DH about the Eleven Plus!!! My 10 year old is due this year too :(

Well done Skein Prince! :)

justclaire said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how tempted I am by the Spring Collection. Just gorgeous colours...

Congrats to Skein Prince as well. What a clever boy! :)

mrs moon said...

ooooh LOVE the banoffee pie colors

sara said...

how do I get onto the mailing list please

Skein Queen said...

Sara, I'm just about to put my email address on my etsy front page as a couple of people have asked... basically, if you email me, I can add your name to the mailing list. Thanks for your interest.

gilraen, he remembers it well! Not pleasant memories, either!