Thursday, 12 June 2008

And the winner is...

Here's my glamorous assistant, Sandra, picking out the winning name (honestly, there were 22 folded pieces of paper in that "stylish" hat:

which was:

Yvette, who I think is andsotoknit on Ravelry, so well done to you. Maybe if you PM on Ravelry with your address and I'll get the Blue Champagne skein posted off to France for you. And thank you to the lovely Sandra for doing the honours.

I just have to emphasise the Dr Who thing in the last post - I can't do it - figment of Lazyhill's imagination - maybe she can do it!

Forgot to say, Happy Birthday to my old dad for today.


yvette said...

Wow, I won, I won, thanks debbie and Sandra :0)

becky said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday. Full push ups are just the cherry on the cake. who would have thought I spent the day in such fine company. I am honoured. I think you deserve a little something cold and sparkling to celebrate.