Saturday, 21 June 2008

Knitting Hen Night and other stories

Ever been to a Knitting Hen Night? No, me either. Still it made a welcome change from the usual fare of L plates and cheap veils and was incredibly civilised. It was in a fantastic old crumbling red-brick house with fabulous architraves and fireplaces. Ella (fellow outcastian) made us feel very welcome and loads and loads of knitters turned up.

I was a wee bit tired from having been up til 1am the previous night making this for Ella:
Tricky to see, but it says LOVE x on the grey side and is filled with lavender so she could use it as a stash protector, though it also came out much larger than I intended. Maybe I should've made her a scarf instead! Or a knitted L plate! Anyway, I wish her and her betrothed all the best for the Big Day.

Myself and the Skein Princess knocked up this last night:

So much easier for when I'm adding labels to the yarn. Amazing what you can do with a bit of bamboo cane and some cup hooks while Skein King sleeps on the sofa!

Not quite in the league of my mother-in-law's sewing station below:

Loads of knitting done this week. I finished mum's Branching Out scarf after I dyed up some Wisp in Caran Dache mint greens and pale blues. I'm just in the process of blocking it. Then I dyed up some Blush in Reykjavik and cast on some Retro Rib socks for my dad. Oh, this yarn - it's a dream to work with. I highly recommend you go out and buy some right now (or as soon as I get the shop updated next week!)

Speaking of next week, we're off to Center Parcs to celebrate my mum's 70th birthday. Skein Prince knitted her a little something to give from him.
It's Rocking Horse Washcloth by Knits by Rachel. We sent off to Canada for the pattern for a dollar or two and were sent the pdf within minutes and he'd finished it by the end of the day. He used SQ Lavish - you may recognise it from a couple of posts ago - it's one of the frogged Branching Out scarves. I have now spoiled him letting him use cashmere/silk - he'll never go back to his pile of acrylic now.

Last week was incredibly busy with getting out custom orders, Sock Club packages and a shop update. Let me show you some custom orders - Squee if you see yours :)
Sunset Tango, Plum Betty and Rose Red in Endure

Sunset Tango, Croc Socks and Mock Turtle in Plushness

Sunset Tango in Plushness

Honolulu Baby in Blush

Moneypenny in Divine

Aubergine in Plushness

Bluebird and Heatherberry in Wisp

Emmeline in Mellow

Next, a bit of stash enhancement - I took it upon myself to order some mini skeins from Sunshine Yarn Anyone else succumb to a drop of Sunshine this week? Huh?

And some Noro Sock Yarn from Yarnbox:

As it's rainy and gloomy this weekend, here's a couple of photos from when I took Skein Princess and her friend to The Vyne earlier this month to remind us that of what hot, sunny days feel like:Tiptoe through the meadow

The Vyne
Swans at The Vyne
Weeds from below

Look how big Honey (aka Smitten or now Smooshy Smat - stop cringing!) is getting. The kids have taken to making little two-storey dens for her and she loves it!

I'm planning a biggish shop update this week with preview on website or blog 24 hours beforehand. Hope to see you then. SQ xx


justclaire said...

Squeee! I see my Honolulu Baby!!! I agree that the Blush is a dream to knit with. I've just cast on a wrap with mine and it's wonderful :)

freshisle said...

Skein Prince has learned so much, so quickly. Nice work!
And all those beautifully coloured yarns! Gorgeous!

gilraen said...

Oh kudos to the Skein Prince!! What a grandson!! :)

I see my order there too, it is even nicer in my hands!!! :)

Sunshine yarns???? I wonder who led me astray there??? :D

I looking forward to this big order ;) :)

Tell me 10 secs before Maverick so I can get a skein at least ;) :D please? :D

Enjoy yourself at Center Parcs :)

Happy Birthday Skein Queen Mother! :) Have a Royal time :)

sara said...

I love that washcloth. He is an amazing knitter.
Has he got his ravelry account yet?

Spiffy Knits! said...

I love Moneypenny! Great colors. And your kitty looks so sweet in her cave.

Lovely, lovely stuff.

Soobird said...

I am in awe of what you do and how you manage to do so much. I think come pay day I am going to have to place the order I keep going on about!

I am very jealous of the Skein Prince... he is such an amazing knitter! Have you thought about sending him to Park House... I would love to have him in all of my textile classes!!!

Speak soon