Thursday, 5 June 2008

Branching Out scarf indecision

I started on two Branching Out scarves this week. I decided to make one for my mum's 70th on 3rd July (not long to go - was this a mad plan?). I've started one in Blue Lavish:And one in some Sumptious I kept back:
I love the colour and stitch definition of the first one, but also the sheer luxurious softness of the cashmere of the second one, although obviously, it's not blocked yet. The top one is more her colours as she loves blues but I only have one skein of it. Now I'm thinking maybe I should dye up some Sumptious in blues and turquoises - is that complete madness to start a third?

This week has been one of ordering from suppliers: yarn, dyes, tissue paper, moo cards and stickers, postage bags, postage labels, SQ thank you cards and stickers (got to make them up) and some supplies for the Plushness Sock Club gifts.

Custom orders to be ready for 8th June are all mostly done and the Sock Club yarns are all prepared and ready for dyeing tomorrow. I have the colourways in my head - let's hope I can get them from my head onto the yarn as I imagine them!

As for the free yarn competition from two posts back, I'm going to have to put all the answers in a hat if no one gets nearer to the answer, so must be worth a guess - go on, it's worth a try. You've got to be in it to win it (and similar cliches!)

And finally, for no other reason than to celebrate summer finally arriving today (we had more floods in our town earlier this week), some blossom:


terri said...

Branching out will be gorgoeus when its finished!!! I made one for my mother a few years ago.......although I have to say I've never seen her wear it *roll*, I think it pretty though:-)

alabama whirly said...

your mum and I share a birthday - does that mean t hat weekend you will visit your mum, delivering her gorgeous present and miss my shin dig in Reading?

justclaire said...

I love both your Branching Outs. I'm sure your Mum will love whichever you choose to give her even if it is a third one!