Sunday, 19 October 2008

I'm smitten with mittens and kittens

Just finished these Noro mitts for a recipient-who-cannot-be-named as yet. They are such an easy, quick knit and I love the colours. I've knitted them before, but without the wrist cuff. The pattern is by mimoknits. And I made them using magic loop which I'd never done before. I love the method for speed and lack of fiddliness.

For once, a completed project with no fudging (cough, cough, I mean creative re-engineering). I must admit, due to my tendency to always be doing something as well as knitting, most projects I do end up with a bit of creative fudging due to lack of concentration. Hence you don't see much lacework round these here parts, despite the possibility of using lifelines, at least not yet - although I seem to manage complicated lace-effect pattern in socks. It has to be a really bad mistake for me to frog. But I don't mind that - I like finding creative solutions to problems. And if I wanted to buy a perfect piece of apparel, I'd go to a shop and buy it, but where's the fun in that?

So, I have a question for you - what kind of knitter are you? A creative engineer? A perfectionist? Or somewhere in between?

And I'm in a very inquisitive mood tonight, so I'd also like to ask, what is your favourite method of knitting? Do you like the intricacies of lace work, the effect of cables or the challenge of stranded colourwork?

My absolute favourite way to work is fairisle knitting and the absolute best bit of that? Choosing the colours. I often have to reproduce part of the design on graph paper and try out the different colour combinations to see how they go together. It's so easy to see any mistakes in colourwork almost straight away - that must be why I feel an affinity with it! So, having said that, my first idea for the South Hill Park craft fair we're doing in November didn't live up to my expectations, so back to the drawing board, this time with the thought of fairisle at the forefront.

These almost invisible sock blockers arrived from the States last week (or was it the week before?) I bought them from an Etsy seller called SevenYaks, they will never warp or leave splinters in my socks and have handy-dandy needle measurement holes (which I'll probably never use).

Soooo, I just had to re-photo all my socks with the new blockers wearing them - next step is to actually block them properly.

And finally, one real kitten all tucked up snug

And one Halloween cat of the pink and fluffy variety


GreenPea said...

I'm a magic loop convert, and find I'm now using circulars even when there's no need to do so. It makes the projects potentially portable. I like everything, apart from cables as I can't memorise those quickly so can't knit and do a zillion other things at the same time. Choosing colours: well, that's the wonderful part, like painting with yarn, and often I won't get past that stage but will linger there and then pack everything away again.

machi said...

Hello :-) I love the photo of the kitten all tucked up! I hope you don't mind if I tag's supposed to be that you write 7 facts about you and then tag 7 people in a post....
xmas coming up...i'll be shopping in your shop again!! :-)

gilraen said...

I'm a dpn girl. I love sock kniting, lace/cable but I'm hopeless at colourwork. Maybe one day.

What cute kittens!!

Your socks look gorgeous with or without blockers :)

alabama whirly said...

I am definitely a creative engineer ; ) - a hole is a new pattern, a wayward stripe is a diagonal that sort of thing - I love magic loop, I don´t know how I lived before, no sewing up........nirvana. Your kittens are lovely as as your mittens x x x x