Saturday, 4 October 2008

Shop update preview and the Big Knit

Don't faint - but I have a second shop update this week!

Here's the preview and shop will be updated starting around 10am BST tomorrow (Sunday) morning.

Lots of sock yarns, lots of red and some DK Mellow (see above)

Wedgewood in Plushness - 2 skeins
Oasis in Plushness - 2 skeins

Frog Face (reengineering for Plushness) - 2 skeins

Brownberry in Elegance - 2 skeins
Forest Fruits in Encore - 1 skein
Baby Peach in Encore - 1 skein
Ruby Ruby in Encore - 1 skein
Berry Red in Encore - 1 skein

Brownberry in Encore - 1 skein

Rhubarb Crumble in Mellow - 2 skeins

Golden Treasure in Mellow - 4 skeins

Last Sunday, a group of about 30 knitters headed down to Picnic in Reading to knit little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles - 50p for every bottle sold with a hat goes to Age Concern. It was a great atmosphere with lots of clickety clacking going on and exciting as the number of hats were counted hourly and added to the totaliser. We finished with a total of 109. And a we even made it into the local paper.

Thanks, alabamawhirly, for organising the event.


Jill L said...

Yikes thats 1AM in California!

Skein Queen said...

Ooo, sorry. I thought I'd try different times to help people in different parts of the world. Morning not good for California though. Will try another time next time :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! That's 2am in Colorado! You are indeed saving me from spending money! ;)