Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Shop update preview

Let me introduce a new yarn type to the Skein Queen stable. This is Desire - a squidgy superwash DK merino - a generous 425m per 100g skein. We're talking jumper quantities of Skein Queen yarn. Or just one skein would make a hat, scarf or mittens. Pictured here in the Merry Men colourway.

And a note on Costumier in Wisp - I have 4 skeins in total - 3 not reskeined and one reskeined but they are from the same batch and I used the same pretty colours.

It's part of tonight's update. Hope to see you in the shop around 8pm GMT.

Blue Damson in Desire - 1 skein

Indigo Denim in Desire - 4 skeins

Merry Men in Desire - 5 skeins

Kettle Pond in Plump Plushness - 1 skein

Blue Seaspray in Plushness - 2 skeins

Pentlands in Blush - 2 skeins

Frosted Grass in Blush - 1 skein

Bronzed Dewberry in Bamboozle - 2 skeins

Mermaid in Blush - 1 skein

Folklore in Bamboozle - 1 skein

Zapateado in Blissful - 1 skein

Australia in Blissful - 1 skein

Moonshine in Blissful - 1 skein

English Pewter in Opulent - 4 skeins

Melba in Opulent - 2 skeins
Banana Cream Pie - Wisp - 2 skeins
Ruby Ruby - Wisp - 4 skeins

Old Roses - Wisp - 2 skeins

Costumier - Wisp - 4 skeins
Spring Flowers - Blissful - 1 skein

PS You may have to bear with me - it'll take me a while to load this little lot up into the shop. Also you may notice a few changes to the shop - we're working with Pace to implement a few ideas and they're gradually coming to fruition. You can now search by the main colour in the skein and the number of skeins in each yarn type can be seen.

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