Sunday, 29 March 2009

Laceweight cashmere

As Spring has officially sprung, I bring you four shades of new Cashmere Soft in laceweight now in the shop. It's sumptuously soft and a treat to knit with - I started a Fountain Pen shawl in Ruby - a gorgeous pattern for a luxurious yarn. Each skein is 100% cashmere, 400 yards, is competitively priced and you won't find it anywhere else in the UK - perfect for Spring knitting or crocheting.

It currently comes in four shades:





Maybe I should tell you the real story of the shawl? Knitted the first 20 rows. It was perfection - perfect stitches, perfect pattern developing, perfect Nupps (first ever). Then I had one teeny tiny half glass of wine, and went wrong. Tried to rip back, but was so over-confident about how well it was going, I thought I hadn't needed a lifeline yet. So frogged right back to the start. Knitted the first seven rows again, went to lift up a candle we had on for Earth Hour to blow it out, poured hot wax all over my hand and the sofa, threw the knitting across the room, half the stitches came off so I'll have to start again. But it WILL be beautiful - I have seen the potential!

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