Friday, 27 March 2009

Meet Flossie Bear

Made with Lotus Yarns Cashmere Soft in Oatmeal (MC), Ruby, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Lime and Sugar Pink. A Tuck-Under-the-Armable kind of a bear and ever so soft.

I based her on an old flat teddy that Skein Prince took everywhere with him until a fateful day when he was six and left him on a coach in Spain. He was called Flapjack was part of the family in a strange and slightly bizarre way. We left a missing poster and our address back in Spain, in case he ever turned up, but he's still on the missing teddies list.

You may notice that there have been some changes to the Yarn Types in the right-hand side column. Divine and Endure have been discontinued and the new yarns being introduced are:

Decadent - handspun cashmere - approx. DK weight
Duchess - superfine alpaca/merino - DK weight

And the following three have appeared in the shop previously, sometimes as guest yarns, but I'm adding them permanently to the range:

Glister - 100% silk - laceweight
Finesse - merino/silk laceweight
Squash - tightly spun superwash merino - sock weight

Also Desire will now come in two sizes - 100g as usual and also Small Desire in 50g skeins which comes in at approx. 112m.

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