Tuesday, 10 July 2007

First custom order

Very exciting week in the world of the Skein Queen for two reasons. Firstly, first wholesale order from China arrived:

Lovely cashmere/silk, some cashmerino and a lovely soft worsted blend of lambs wool, dehaired angora and cashmere. Gorgeous! Look and drool!

Just as well I placed that order, as they day before it arrived, I had my first request for a custom order from a wonderful and talented fellow Etsian in Prague. She wanted a grey blue colour and possibly an indigo to follow. So I got busy:

After a few panics about rubbish lighting making the grey blue look grey and gloomy, this is what's winging its way to Prague - hope she likes it:

Bohemian Blue
Ordered some moo cards this evening - can't wait to see them. Will post here when they arrive. Plan to include them in my parcels to customers and give them out to anyone who'll listen to me yabber on about wool!

Looking forward to a weekend with friends - Friday night out for a birthday meal with the girls and then down to the New Forest to spend the weekend with our old friends (they're not old, we've just had them a long time.)


freshisle said...

Ooohhh, aaahh, cashmere. So soft.
Very nice blues, too!

WendiWinn said...

ditto fresisle :)