Sunday, 29 July 2007

Museums and Cybermen

What with it being summer holidays 'n all, I took a day off work and some flexi and we had two museum trips this week - we're all cultured out! They were two very different trips, the first to a traditional small market town museum which was free and had two trails for the kids - one of them being to search for clues as to which plants were used for dyeing fabric - Newbury was a centre for textiles, weaving and dyeing - so I was in my element.

The second trip was to the "modern" Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. Very different - with faux Victorian streets, shops and factories. The children really enjoyed it especially when they ventured down an alley, opened a door and found a man sitting on the toilet reading his newspaper in the outdoor lavvy! They also enjoyed dressing up as Victorian children. Look at the posing going on-
Skein Prince wanted to keep the coat cos he thought it was like Captain Jack's in Dr Who. Speaking of which, as there's a birthday coming up, another costume was purchased -
The summer holidays continue... Granda arrived over from Northern Ireland today for a week so who knows what mischief the three of them will get up to! Granda tried his hand at dyeing today and do you know what colours he choose? Red, white and blue for one skein and Green, gold and white for other. Can you tell where he's from?!

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