Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Some lovely newness

Here's this week's offerings to gradually appear on etsy before the end of the week:

This one's called August because today was the first real sign of summer we've had and these hot summery colours remind me of a bright summer's day. This is in the soft cashmere/silk 4 ply.

Next is Plum Tree, also in 4 ply cashmere/silk:Inspired by the plum trees out in bloom at the Discovery Centre.

And finally, this is Seaspray which soft subtle colours suit the softness of the cashmerino.
I may ever get around to listing some of Granda's "Irish flags" wool. It came out quite nicely... watch this space!


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

These colors are absolutely beautiful. Very nice blog.

justclaire said...

Fabulous colours. I love "August". Etsy here I come!!

Laura Jane said...

Those are beautiful!! I wish my knitting skills were good enough to do justice to your wool!

Fibrespace said...

What beautiful colours! Especially Plum Tree.

Skein Queen said...

Thanks for the nice comments! Very kind esp. as Plum Tree was a happy accident using the exhausts from other dye baths (cough, cough) I mean, I knew exactly what I was aiming for and knew exactly how it would turn out ;)