Friday, 3 August 2007

Shy little girl stars on tv

I never thought I'd see the day! My little girl on tv and actually wanting to be interviewed! And on the radio and in the newspaper - all in one day.

Another weird day. We were in Newbury Library to pick out new books for the Big Wild Read when the librarian came up to us asking if the kids wanted to be on tv and on the radio. Them being pretty shy, I kind of resigned myself to the usual "Don't want to do it" when Skein Princess piped up that she wanted to be on tv. All the other parents were saying no, as was Skein Prince who was having none of it, but she definitely wanted to be on it.

Only one other girl agreed, so the man from ITV filmed them reading books and talking about them and it was on tv tonight! I was so proud of her doing something to put herself in the spotlight - so unlike her.

Then a guy from 2-Ten FM interviewed her and then he interviewed me. Mortifying! I whittered on about reading being VITAL for young children and came across as super pushy mum saying how we read to them from a very early age and how well they're doing at school. Apparently this is going to be pumped out every hour on the hour on Monday. Can't wait.

Finally, Skein Prince agreed to appear in a photo with her for the Chronicle after Granda bribed him with a fiver.

All that and I only put the car in the car park for half an hour while we popped in to get some books!

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