Wednesday, 22 August 2007

From the Snooty camel

Ok, what have I got for you this week? Hmmm... eventful week. Having problems with blogger so have to keep it short, sweet and photo-heavy.

I've been a busy girl stocking up the shop before I go on holiday next week .
This week's yummy yarns are, in no particular order:

Caramel Blue
Lime Violets (sold)
Someone who shall remain nameless had her nifty fingers on tonight!

Sugared Almonds
(There's a story behind this name)

And last but not least
From time to time in this dyeing game you get a little happy accident, and Waterlilies is one of them. Was aiming for turquoise, magenta and chocolate brown. Hmmm. Not quite. But I like it.

Here we have a custom order for a fab customer in Delaware - 5 skeins of Golden Plum.

And another order before it got wrapped in tissue:

Phew! This lot has taken it's toll on my good looks:
Whoa! You're not kidding.
(This snooty camel is really my Ravelry avatar)

For the first time in weeks, I got something started on my needles.

This is the Watermelon yarn from Freshisle Fibers which knits beautifully. I've done a bit more since this photo and started turning the heel and got myself into a bit of difficulty by starting with a purl row instead of a knit by the time I'd divided the stitches (how?) but will bore on and see what happens. It looks good so far and I love it when I get to knit the black seedy bits.

And finally, thanks to the lovely Piglottie for a glowing message on her blog and for the mention on the Ravelry forums. My head is so big it's lolling off my shoulders:)


Piglottie said...

You are most welcome for the mentions. We need more great indie dyers like you, and although that little devil in me partly wanted to keep finding your yarns a secret so that I could have them all to myself, the angel in me thought it was best to share the love :)

Such stunning colours as ever!

blog-blethers said...

Oh my!! I'm absolutely drooling at your yarns - they're gorgeous and can't believe Piglottie was tempted to keep you a naughty secret;) Have just read your profile and we share a few similarities - other than yarn addiction! I'm a fellow Scot, living in Cardiff with a welshman who has a Norwegian surname. My mother's family are also from Northern Ireland. We do meander a little, don't we?