Thursday, 9 August 2007

A little taste of what's to come

Since the kids are away staying with grandparents in Holywood for ten days (boo hoo, yay, boo hoo, yah - mixed feelings as you can tell), I spent five whole hours last Sunday trying to get a big batch of cashmere/silk dyed up.

All will be listed on etsy by the end of the week and I got an arrival of gorgeous laceweight merino and Superwash 4 ply merino today so another weekend of dyeing coming up.

Here's a taster:

We have Lovebird in vibrant shades of pink and gold: (UPDATE: this has now sold)
Here's a close up as I'm loving these shades (though you might need your shades as the colours are quite bright):
Then I went mad with autumnal shades.

Here's Golden Plum:
And here's another plumy shade - Marmalade Plum:

And last but not least (I've a load more to reskein), here is Granda's red, white and blue colour choice, which I've called Patriot - but there must be a better name... any ideas? I parceled up his green, gold and white one which I decided he should keep.
This is in the lambswool/cashmere/angora.

The night before the children left for N. Ireland, we went to see High School Musical the show at Oxford New Theatre as it was Skein Prince's birthday. It was fab - they loved it. Skein Princess was trying to do a wolf whistle at the end she loved it so much.

Myself and the Skein King decided to walk up to the pub at Cold Ash this evening. Took the country route on the way which took 45 minutes - I needed that large glass of wine when we got there. It was worth it to sit outside and watch the sun go down and it not to be raining!

Oh, and here's a photo of two orders ready to go out to customers in USA (it's at this stage I have to admit I need a ball-winder when customers request skeins be rewound into centre-ball pulls):

Finally, check out this little bit of etsy advertising I purchased from monsterpromos on etsy:

Perfect for the back windscreen of my car. Now drivers behind me can ponder "What the hell's skeinqueen?" At the very least, they might remember the etsy name. Gotta get it out there!


Morrgan said...

That's a lot of tempting yarn! I love the look of Marmalade Plum. =)

Kimberly Monaco said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog.. I really appreciate it.
I love your beautiful yarn - especiallly the one way down at the bottom called "lagoon" too bad I don't know anyone who knits.. what a lovely gift that would be!

gilraen said...

The Violet Pumpkin is georgeous! Thank you it arrived this morning :)

Holywood is a lovely part of the world and with Bangor just a stone's throw! the kids will have a ball with their lucky g'parents. :)

Make the most of your Royal break! :D