Saturday, 11 August 2007

I got mine!

Yay! I got my Ravelry invite this morning. (She does a victory dance in the style of an Egyptian!) Now I've just got to get some time to figure it out - have managed my profile so far, and included my favourite curse word?! Now have to work out how to register as a Yarnie. If you're looking for me on there, by any chance, I'm on as skeinqueen.

Also I got my first return customer! She purchased Fruit Salad last week:

And placed a custom order for four more skeins which I dyed up this afternoon. It was a bit nerve-wracking as I'd used a slightly unorthodox method for this one, but the old memory kicked in and I think she'll be pleased with the result. Just have to skein them up.

I got a treat in the post yesterday when I finally got my hands on some wait-til-you-see-this-it's-incredible watermelon yarn from Marian at freshislefibers
OK, rather nice I hear you say but look what it can do - self-striping watermelon socks. Amazing, aren't they! Marian is so clever.

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