Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Ok, this obsession with yarn and knitting is getting out of hand. Spent way too much time over at Ravelry - that place is amazing but sucks up time - was up til 2am on Saturday night just checking it out, adding photos of my projects etc - though half of my finished stuff has been gifts for babies etc so not many pics.

And then, as if I was a lady of leisure who just likes to hang out and chat and has stacks of time, I decided on a whim to sign up to this new social networking site for etsians - We Love Etsy.
Another great place - have already met some lovely people there.

Other than that, wound up my wonderful Watermelon yard from Freshisle Fibers:Doesn't it look good enough to eat? OK, maybe not - told you I was obsessed!

Completed a custom order of Fruit Salad for my lovely Texan customer and loaded in my Etsy shop:
Dyed up loads new colourways in cashmere/silk and Superwash Merino - just have to skein them all up this week and gradually add them to etsy. There's one I'm particularly proud of called Kingfisher... more on that in the next post.

Then, any spare minutes left, I've been reading these:

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