Wednesday, 4 July 2007

One skein socks and other bits

To support my etsy site, and for a bit of fun, I thought I'd have a go at adapting a Carosel socks pattern by Violet Green into ankle socks and see if they would knit up with one of my 55g skeins. So I reserved one of my Cupid's Breath solid shade of pink for the job as I have always wanted a pair of pink cashmere socks. (Don't know why, just for a bit of luxury.)

I had to frog the first attempt, but am in the swing of the pattern now:
The Skein Prince is also pleased with his finished Otto Owl from Lucinda Guy's And Now to Bed book:
He's pretty cute and very quick and easy to do. The front is knitted in one piece, with the body being made using reverse stocking stitch and even his beak is included in this one piece and sewn up later.

And here he is with the Skein Princess's Bella Bunny:

And here's... oh Bella, we really didn't need to see your knickers, you big show-off! Too much information!
I had no lilac wool, so dyed up some cotton and it came out the perfect shade for her whiskers and eyes.

And finally, some gorgeously soft 4 ply superwash merino in shade of magenta, pale pink and greys inspired by my recently acquired Old Rose Print:

Obviously it has to be reskeined before appearing on etsy, but you get the idea. Yet another one I want to keep myself!

I placed my first wholesale order with my Chinese supplier this week so am looking forward to a rather large delivery of 4 ply cashmere/silk, DK cashmerino and a lovely worsted blend of lambs wool, angora and cashmere. I can see from the TNT site that the package is in Leuven, Belgium, so shouldn't be long now! V. exciting.

Have lots of ideas bubbling away for my etsy shop. This isn't one of them but thought I'd throw it in.

I love the green, cream, gold and silver combination and added the green ribbon in the middle which says "Friendship" on it.

And finally, an unexpected bit of artiness which the lovely Skein King volunteered me for. I said I'd help out at the school fair last Sunday and yes, I was willing to do any stall and what did he volunteer me for? Face painting! Thanks! Have never done it in my life. Had to practice on two reluctant children on Friday night:

Fortunately, I was with another lady and we discovered that she was good at trains, footballs and snakes, and I could get away with roses, flowers, butterflies and hearts. It was quite good fun in the end... but a glass of the old vino was called for!


Snowberry & Lime said...

Your yarns are beautiful, I'll have to check out your etsy shop immediately!

freshisle said...

That's a great pirate ship, too! I always want to keep every skein for myself. That's the danger of dyeing and being a knitter!