Saturday, 8 September 2007

Back in residence

SQ is back in the country after a short, relaxing wonderful holiday. Straight back into it though as the shop has gone mad - have been lucky enough to have lots of buyers - but desperately need to restock and had a couple of custom orders to dye up hence an all-day dyeing session today.
Can't wait to get this lot skeined up and into the shop. Had such a good time with the colours today (in between taking Skein Princess to ballet, feeding next-door's rabbits, posting an order and going to the pet shop to get two new goldfish which we couldn't get til next week - nowadays you have to fill the tank and let it stand for a week before they'll sell them to you and then, you can only buy one and come back a couple of days later for the next one - explain that to the kids! I felt like saying "Look, we bought a fish off you seven years ago and she's only just popped her clogs" - we can keep fish!)

Had a couple of large orders this week, one of which was from a lovely customer in USA:

Here you see two skeins each of Iguana, Waterlilies, Sugared Almonds and Firebird.

Actually managed to complete watermelon sock no. 1 in the knitting stakes.

I decided to make them more like ankle socks than a fuller length as I find it more comfortable with my Timberland boots in winter. One more to go... or will I be distracted by this:
My spinning kit arrived from mainewoodsyarn. I haven't really had a minute to look at it yet but will need to get au fait with spinning before the roving arrives from Natalie at Yarn Yard.

Well, having problems with blogger again so will have to tell you about my holiday in the next post...


Piglottie said...

Temptress! The new yarns look gorgeous. I love the way you combine colours. Lovely sock too (I prefer anklets).

justclaire said...

Oh! Those colours....

I've just visited your Etsy shop (again)

Must. Resist. Temptation. Do. Not. Need. More Yarn!!!